A Smoothie Affair in the Thermomix

Mango, Yogurt and Honey Smoothie

Mango, banana, yogurt & honey smoothie

This recipe works in regular blenders too. Adjust blending time accordingly.

In hot weathered days, having a nice cold smoothie can help ease that thirst and cool the body down. My kids love a smoothie any day, especially in the middle of the day or after school when they are drained of energy and just need that energy boost.

Smoothies are easy to drink and also gives that extra boost of vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants depending on the type of smoothies. There are many types of smoothies, and I’m sharing one that is easiest, healthy and fast to make- yogurt smoothie.

All you need is some yogurt, plain or flavoured (although I prefer the plain varieties or greek natural yogurt), some fruits, milk and ice cubes. Honey can be an optional ingredient for that added natural sweetness.

A quick summary for what’s in each ingredient that is beneficial to us. A quick search online will let you discover more of each ingredient and why it is beneficial to us.

Bananas – vit C, B6, fibre and manganese

Mangoes – Vit C, fibre & pectin

Milk- protein, calcium, phosphorus, B vitamin, potassium, and vitamin D

Yogurt – calcium, Vitamin B6,12, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium & probiotics (digestion)

Honey- antioxidants

350g yogurt

150g mangos, cubed

100g milk

100g ice cubes

10-20g honey, optional

Put all ingredients into TM bowl. 30sec, Sp10.

Serve immediately.

  • You can add topping to your smoothies too! Cereals, muesli, chia seeds, ground nuts, chopped fresh fruits (any berries, bananas, mangoes, etc) for that variety
  • Vary the smoothie with seasonal fruits or frozen fruits. I.e replace mangoes with bananas, papayas, melon, berries of choice or more
  • Combining fruits make an interesting smoothie too, i.e. mango & banana, strawberries & banana, raspberries & mangoes, … options are endless.
  • For a thicker smoothie, reduce ice/milk and vice versa.
  • Tip for Thermomix users: to blend/chop nuts, you can use Turbo, Select Turbo 2 secs. If you prefer more finely chopped options, repeat Turbo 1 or 2 times till desired texture is achieved

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