Fruity Yoghurt Ice Pop

Want to make a healthier version of ice cream? How about some yoghurt and fruit ice pop?

Everyone loves a sweet cold treat every so often. Making a good ice cream requires patience and time as it either needs to be churned in an ice cream maker or blended several times in the Thermomix to get that nice smooth texture. But an ice pop is less demanding. My kids are also more forgiving when it comes to ice pops. In fact, they love the icy texture of the ice pops.

There’s usually yoghurt in my fridge and one way to use them up and to create a variety is adding yoghurt to smoothies or making them into ice pops. By adding some fruits, the ice pops are naturally flavoured and sweetened and its more creamy than one made from just pure juices.

So, here’s a quick fruity yoghurt ice cream that is sure to delight the little ones with the extra benefits of mangoes, bananas, raspberries and blueberries plus yoghurt.

I recommend using sweet, ripe mangoes for a naturally sweet and fragrant ice pop. Or you can replace with frozen ones if they are unavailable.

I also recommend making extras as they disappear rather quickly from the freezer. All you need are extra popsicle moulds and freezer space. See our range of cute popsicle moulds. I’ve added some in the sidebar for reference.

Do try these out, as these work great as bribes in my home, where the kids happily do a chore, or quickly finish up a meal so there’s time for an extra treat after dinner. And when they come home from school, I’m sure they will dive straight for an ice pop.

Please leave me a comment if you have tried it so I know if you did enjoy it too and feel free to share your ideas and variations.

Fruity Yoghurt Ice Pops

Guilt free delicious ice pops
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Prep Time 6 hrs 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Dessert
Servings 8


  • Thermomix
  • Ice popsicle mould


  • 300 g Ripened mango cubes
  • 150 g Plain or Greek yogurt
  • 1 pcs Medium banana cubes
  • 2 tbsp honey


  • Put all ingredients in the TM bowl. Blend 1 mins/Sp10
  • Place some frozen fruits into ice pop moulds or into the blended mixture
  • Pour into ice popsicle moulds. Freeze min 4-6 hours


*To remove ice pops from popsicle moulds.  Run through water gently at the tap, and wiggle the sticks slightly to remove.  
*when placing fruits in the popsicle moulds, remove any air bubbles that may be trapped or ensure the blended yogurt mixture fills the moulds completely 
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