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A ‘Good Thing’ That Makes Everyday Living Better

We shop, we buy and we often end up with a lot of plastic bags from supermarkets or grocers. As much as we would like to be greener and reduce the use of plastic bags, sometimes it is inevitable that they will end up in our homes. Rather than throwing them out, which immediately creates plastic waste, it is better to keep them to be reused.

Plastic shopping bags come in all sizes and colours but we often do not have a proper storage for them. Usually, they just end up as a chaotic mess of colourful balls stuffed into little spaces, or at best folded into triangles and squashed into a corner that eventually overflows into a torrent of unsightly kitchen nightmare.

Well, here’s a solution for you whether you have a spacious kitchen or a cozy little kitchenette. We love these naturally coloured linen bags that provide practical storage to our plastic bag problem. They are stylish, lightweight and can be easily hung onto hooks or tower holders.

Each bag can hold up to 20 pieces of plastic bags. And the best feature is that you can easily fill it from the top and it dispenses from a slit in the bottom. Simple and effective. If you have the space, you can arrange several in a row and organise the bags according to size or usage. They look pretty even just hanging there. Now, you’ve not only done your part for the environment by reusing these plastic bags, you’ve also tidied up your kitchen with a simple solution.

And psst! Just to let you know so that we do not solve a plastic problem with another plastic item. Linen is a natural material that is one of the most biodegradable fabric. It is soft but strong and naturally moth resistant, absorbs mositure but does not hold bacteria.

Trash Bag Storage Organiser and Dispenser

These fabric bags come in handy too for keeping dry goods or kitchen essentials like the garlic, onions and potatoes. Get one, two or more and start getting kitchen tidy.

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