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March 28, 2021

We are so excited to announce that HeyGoodThings is now the official reseller of WireMonkey lames in Malaysia.  WireMonkey lames are the best bread scoring tool on the market.  They are stylish, compact, easy to use, safe and precise – offering the perfect scoring tool for bakers and it is no wonder that WireMonkey lames are highly rated and are loved by bakers worldwide.  

Here’s a little background story on WireMonkey.   It is a family owned business based in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA where these lames are made in their small shop without the use of plastics or harsh chemicals.  In addition, WireMonkey also practises fair wages and giving back to the baking community.   So, feel good about what you buy, besides feeling good about what you eat when you make your own bread at home!

Crafted from solid American Black Walnut and fitted with Astra stainless steel blades, there are several styles available.  From the original UFO design which was inspired by 1950s sci-fi, there are now UFO Bread Journey, UFO Zero, UFO Real Bread, UFO Graniac, the latest UFO Time and newly launched curved lame called The Arc.    

The UFO lames are round, with a slim form that fits comfortably in your hand. The small size lets you get closer to your dough, giving you full control of the cutting element and enables you to create precise scores and patterns.  When not in use, the holder serves as a storage for the blade, keeping it safe and secure.  All that aside, it is a beautiful thing and makes a perfect gift for yourself or a friend who loves to bake.

And for those who are just after creating a really good clean score to get that coveted “ear” on your loaf, the WireMonkey Arc Lame is stylish with a minimalist aesthetic. In fact it has earn a name as the smallest lame in the world. The graceful form and clever design of the Arc Lame make it a great tool for making long slashes on the dough that helps opens up the bread nicely as it bakes in the oven. The Arc Lame comes with a matching stand to keep it safe while not in use.

Here are some of the benefits of the UFO Lame:
– Ultimate fine control over scoring
– Ambidextrous design (suitable for both left and right handed use)
– No more cuts for blade holders!
– Blade is easily stored inside for safety
– No thumb nuts to snag on your dough
– No more lost blades (if you are a blade holder, you know what I’m talking about).
– Designed and made in the USA

Join the ‘Real Bread’ revolution! Score the perfect score with WireMonkey lames and have some serious fun baking and creating beautiful designs on your home baked breads.

Look for WireMonkey on our website in the new Bread & Bake category, under Brands.  And watch this space as we will be sharing our sourdough adventures with WireMonkey right here on this blog or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for tips, free recipes, latest news and offers.

If you would like to read more about bread and bread scoring, check out the following review by Leavenly.com, and also be inspired by Anna Gabur’s website BreadJourney.com https://breadjourney.com/category/stories/

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