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Goods received in good condition...Good quality. Bread easily removed from tin.

What our customers say

This is so cute. Came quickly and arrived well packaged in foam. I was afraid it would be quite fragile but the glass was surprisingly very clear, sturdy and strong. Pours well without dripping too. Very good for serving milk for coffee, tea etc.

What our customers say

Foxy mama
My kids love it! They even use it a throw blanket when they are relaxing on the sofa. It’s soft and comfy! Thanks for the fast shipping.

What our customers say

Love this silicone muffin mould, made favourite muffins for my kids. Worth buy it

What our customers say

Good packaging. So neat and pretty. Thank you!

What our customers say

Love these bags. They are so handy and pretty in the kitchen. No more messy plastic bags.

What our customers say

I really love the look and feel of this rolling pin. Chose the one with the largest diameter which is very good and easy to use. I think the measurement scale makes it unique. Delivery took a few weeks but it was worth the wait. It is designed in Japan and made in China. I had been looking for a nice rolling pin and I’m happy with this one as the quality is good and it feels right, not too long or big, which makes it compact, user friendly and easy to store. Good choice indeed.

What our customers say

Thanks for the quick delivery. I’m amazed by the professional quality of this quiche pan. It is really sturdy with a beautiful finish and the champagne colour is so beautiful. Tried making a quiche Lorraine today and it slid out easily, without having to grease the pan with butter. Super easy to clean up too. I love it!

Make your own happiness….

0-49926f.jpegCreative hand brewing coffee pot with filter stainless steel coffee filter cup set household portable coffee makers drip type7.5 inch Japanese style stoneware plate

                                                    Join the slow life movement… take your time and discover the things that make you happy.  Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, read a real book and enjoy life’s simple moments – live, work, eat, sleep, cook, bake and don’t forget to exercise and look after yourself.   

Discover the joy an organised and pretty home can bring.  Declutter your home and clear your mind.  Work a little Marie Kondo magic and experience how the wonders of decluttering can lighten your mood and exponentially increase the joy factor at home.  There is no need for a lot of ‘things’ in our lives, we only need good things that is practical yet beautiful, everyday things that make daily living just that little bit better.  

Really spend time with the people you love.  Create beautiful memories through everyday meals, set the table with beautiful tableware. Celebrate the time you spend with family and friends, because every moment is precious – it never returns once it is gone.     

Do what you love.  Bake your own bread, make a pretty cake, have your own homecafe moments.  Live beautifully, take nothing for granted.  Don’t wait for happiness to happen.  We make our own happiness.

Everyday. Life inspired

No Churn Coffee Ice Cream Sep 19, 2021 Love coffee? Try this coffee ice cream!
Mango Sago Dessert Sep 2, 2021 NEW RECIPE! How about a mango delicious, cold and creamy Mango Sago Dessert that is perfect for a hot day?
Steamed Matcha Chocolate Butter cake Aug 11, 2021 Steamed not baked! Heavenly combo of matcha and chocolate in a light and fluffy mini butter cake.
Black Sesame Chiffon Cake Jun 28, 2021 Take a bite into a slice of this pillowy soft and aromatic black sesame chiffon cake. Enhanced with the fragrance of coconut, the fluffy nutty goodness is perfect with a cup of tea.
Cinnamon Buckwheat Pancakes May 27, 2021 Indulge in fluffy and tasty buckwheat pancakes for a healthy cafe-style breakfast at home anyday.
Seeded Sourdough Discard Crackers May 7, 2021 Savoury, crisp crackers that disappears quickly. A sourdough discard recipe that actually becomes a star and not a "discard"!
Fruity Yoghurt Ice Pop May 6, 2021 Make this guilt free and delicious fruity ice pops that is the perfect cooler for a hot day!
Mini Marble Buttercake Apr 19, 2021 Fragrant, soft, moist and delicious medley of chocolate and vanilla in single serve mini loaf size.
Easy Thermomix Caramel Kaya – Low Sugar Recipe Apr 18, 2021 Simple, quick and delicious homemade kaya recipe
Cafe @ Home Mar 30, 2021 Takeaway cafe style and transform the everyday to extraordinary moments. Enjoy cafe lifestyle @ home!
WireMonkey lames are here! Mar 28, 2021 The perfect baker's scoring tool for beautiful loaves
Why sourdough bread? How to make your own sourdough starter? Simple sourdough starter maintanence guide. Mar 24, 2021 Why sourdough is the healthier bread. Easy starter recipe and maintanence guide.
Love Where You Live Mar 5, 2021 Organise, edit and decorate to create a home to love.

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